Smart Dog Owners know that a balanced and highly nutritious diet is key to a happy, healthy dog. But there is an important value layer that will add and promote greater health for your dog. Many dog owners don’t know about or ignore this important information.

In the best interests of dog health, we choose to talk about the importance of food balance, good dental health and food variance. Greater stimulation and wellbeing makes happy and healthier dogs.


Feed Healthy Houndz Kibble daily to ensure your dog receives their complete daily nutrition. It’s that simple.

Feeding Healthy Houndz Kibble is the foundation and key to ensuring your dog receives complete daily nutrition. But what if is there is more you can do to extend your dog’s food variance and stimulation?

Here are some suggestions to keep your dog engaged with their food and importantly – adding variance to stimulate their senses.

A word about dental health..

We believe in a balanced diet and great dental care. We recommend raw meaty bones once/twice per week to keep teeth and gums healthy. Raw bones will also provide added nutrition and help maintain your dog’s digestive tract.

Healthy Houndz ingredients is known to support good gut health, shiny and healthier dog coats, healthier poo and improved wellbeing – less itchy and dry skin!

A word about natural (single ingredient) Meal Toppers..

Adding the occasional single ingredient meal toppers to daily meal will stimulate food senses, create additional brain stimulation, and ensure your dog remains engaged with their food. We absolutely love The Doggie Balm Co. and their 100% natural single ingredient meal toppers. You can research and review their natural meal toppers here.

A word about raw feeding..

Is raw feeding better? A combination and variety of food that provides your dog the nutritional value it needs to thrive is the answer. We believe that some food variance for your dog can be beneficial – especially if it keeps them engaged.

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing that will have you feeling guilty about feeding your dog Kibble. 

You may read about dry dog food and the negative impacts on dog health (but stop and think). Any food that contains crap ingredients (zero nutrition), fillers such as cardboard, added and artificial preservatives, and other hidden nasties, will result in poor dog health. Terrible Ingredients are the #1 cause of allergies, skin irritations and most health problems in dogs. Stay away from varieties that include imported ingredients with no nutritional value and are mostly made up of terrible items such as shredded cardboard, wood shavings to “fill out” the weight of their dog food.

Healthy Houndz Kibble is made from real food (from Aussie farms) and has all of your dogs daily nutritional requirements to ensure a healthy balanced diet. 100% Made in Australia (no imported ingredients).